Capri Island

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Capri Island

Capri Island

A beautiful Island on the bay of Naples, Capri is the ideal destination for solo, friends, couples, or family traveling. The island has such a charm, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy every second of your time there. Spending 4 days there last summer made me wish I had extended my time in Italy to explore the Amalfi coast since everything was so close by.

The food in Capri was great as expected – it’s Italy after all. I made a list of all the places I dined in, so here’s a little guide in the case that you want to make reservations before you arrive to avoid the “fully booked” answer- which could easily happen in the summer months seeing as its peak season. So…

Where to eat in Capri?

As I said, it’s recommended to book everywhere in advance especially during summer when it gets very crowded.

For lunch I’d recommend

Il Riccio

Located in Anacapri. Excellent service, great menu selection and its located right near the blue grotto so if you feel like popping in there it’s literally right next door. We had a great day tanning and going in for the occasional dip to freshen up followed by a lunch.

Recommended dishes

  • Spaghetti con Vongole Veraci
  • Orata Peso
  • Wine: La Scolca – Gavi Dei Gavi (white wine).

Il Riccio Capri Island

Capri Island

Il Riccio Capri Island from sea

Il Geranio

The food is not great – at least I didn’t think so… However, the view of the Faraglioni rocks is beautiful! Maybe have a drink and a small snack and enjoy the view? It might’ve improved since 2016!

Il Geranio Capri Island

Beach Clubs

You can either walk down (it’s quite a long walk but the views are beautiful), or you can take a taxi to the Marina piccola and a boat taxi to the beach clubs. I walked both, down and back up which was a hell of an effort but I made it!

La Fontelina

Book in advance to avoid finding difficulty making a reservation. Try to go as early as possible to get a good spot if you want to spend a few hours swimming followed by lunch.

La Fontelina Capri Island

Faraglioni birds eye Capri Island

Da Luigi

This would be a back-up plan in the case that you don’t get reservations at Fontelina. Not difficult to find a spot, but I would still suggest going earlier to guarantee a good spot by the sea.

Capri Island

For dinner​ I recommend:

Da Paolino

You’ll need a taxi to get here. This restaurant is well known for the beautiful lemon trees as seen in the photo! I enjoyed the overall experience, the service was excellent but I had better food in Italy. I would still definitely recommend it, it’s very well known and the restaurant’s beautiful.

Da Paulino Capri Island


One of Capri’s oldest restaurants, it’s super packed so I HIGHLY recommend you book in advance. Excellent food and extensive wine list!

Recommended dishes:

  • Burrata
  • Tuna Carpaccio
  • Pizza
  • Grilled Fish

I wouldn’t recommend the seafood pasta – I wasn’t a fan.


Perfect for a date, the outdoor seating is so cute. Service was perfection and the food was great.

Capri Island

Carpaccio Faraglioni Capri Island

Al Capri

Go at sunset, the view is beautiful! We had pizzas and they were great.

Al Capri Capri Island

What to do in Capri?

Beach Clubs

  1. La Fontelina (Best)
  2. Da Luigi (If you don’t find space in Fontelina)
  3. Il Riccio (In Anacapri)

Capri Relax boats

Rent a boat and discover the grottos of Capri or explore the coast and go to Positano. This company had the best prices. I would go for the itama boat it’s 12 metres long with a bathroom. They provide towels, water, soft drinks and beer. You can also play your own music but don’t forget to bring an AUX cable. Click here for their website or email info@caprirelaxboats.com to book. Don’t forget to bargain, it works sometimes!

Capri Island

Capri Island

Mount Solero

Take the chair lift from Anacapri up to Mount Solero for a beautiful view of the island.

Gardens of Augustus

Botanical gardens, the view from the top is beautiful! It’s your choice whether you want to walk up and down as it is quite tiring.

Blue Grotto

There are two ways to get to the Blue Grotto, by sea and by land. I recommend going by sea on the day that you rent the boat (if you do) since you’ll get there faster. Seeing the line on the land made me thankful I chose to do it when renting the boat.

Capri Island Blue Grotto

Capri Island Blue Grotto

Charterhouse of St. Giacomo

Oldest historic building on the Island of Capri. June, July and August 10am – 7pm (according to website).

Villa San Michele

Beautiful villa with stunning views of the island. Click here for opening hours.

Where to stay?

Capri Tiberio Palace

A boutique hotel located just minutes away from the Piazzetta (main square). The CTP offers guest rooms with either a city view or a sea view.

Click here to book

Casa di Capri

If you don’t feel like splurging and want a clean, cute little place to stay I recommend this one. If you’re traveling with a group of friends you should book the whole place! This guesthouse is a short walk from the Piazzetta and the value for money is great especially when comparing to the 5 star hotels on the island. I stayed here on my own and I was pretty happy with my choice. WiFi and bottled water is complimentary and breakfast is included – didn’t try that though.

Click here to book

Have any questions or recommendations to add? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Capri Island from KenzieKashmiri on Vimeo.




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