Bulle: Everything you need to know

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Bulle Switzerland

Bulle: Everything you need to know

Where to eat in Bulle

​*All restaurants in Bulle are casual attire*

La Cabriolle

Swiss restaurant, call to reserve just in case for dinner cause it can get quite packed. I’d recommend the St Emillion, red wine to drink and I come here especially for:

  • Fondue (moitié, moitié)
  • Filet Mignon for two.

Pizzeria Olympia

Discovered this during my last year and the pizza was quite good! Only the pizza though, I don’t recommend ordering anything else.


Sandwich place at the train station – simple and easy. Used to get a sandwich between classes or for the train ride to the airport! Their baguette is excellent!


Italian cuisine, nice change from the usual fondue meal! I’d recommend the Carpaccio or Mozzarella di Buffala.

Cafe Fribourgeois

Nice to sit outdoors on a sunny day. The fondue and French fries are really good here.

Near Bulle and worth the drive!

Go to Gruyere to the Chalet du Gruyere for Fondue (15 mins away).

Go to Montreux (30 min drive, 15-20 if you speed), click here for restaurant recommendations.

Go to Gstaad (40 min drive), click here for restaurant recommendations.

What to do in or near Bulle


Take a 15 minute drive up to the medieval town of Gruyere where you can have a lovely lunch or dinner in the Chateau du Gruyere or a drink at the Alien bar!

Gruyere Switzerland

Alien Bar Gruyere Switzerland

Blausee Naturpark

Beautiful! Have a walk around the lake, you’ll surely take some pictures. There is a touristy restaurant overlooking the park but I don’t recommend eating there. We had a pizza and salad in the restaurant outside (near the parking before the entrance) which was okay. I recommend driving to Interlaken and eating there.

Blausee Naturpark Switzerland

Blausee Naturpark Switzerland

Shooting Range

Located in Fribourg around a 25 minute drive from Bulle.

Laser Tag

Located in Fun planet in Bulle Click here for more info.


Located in Fun planet in Bulle. Click here for more info.

Lac Morlon

Perfect for a relaxing sunny day by the lake.

Where to go out


Djs come here every once in a while check their Facebook for info.

D! Club Lausanne

Around 40 mins away from Bulle, Djs come here quite often check their website for info.




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