Milan: Everything you need to know

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Bar Luce Fondazione Prada milano

Milan: Everything you need to know

Where to Eat in Milano

Bar Luce

Designed by Wes Anderson – Love it! Great place to work while having an espresso, or a little bite to eat. Also a great option for breakfast or a snack in the afternoon. I recommend:

  • Bruschetta with spicy cheese
  • Mortadellina
  • Marchese
  • Lineo
  • Bolognese

Bar Luce Breakfast milano

Bar Luce Milano


Located on Via Montenapoleone (I prefer it) or Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Although there are a lot of tourists I’d still recommend it for a little snack on a shopping day or for breakfast! The fruit tart is really good.​

Marchesi Fruit Cake Milano

Vanilla dessert Marchesi Milano

Marchesi via montenapoleone Milano

Il Solferino

My favourite in Milano! Amazing food, amazing service (Harold was our waiter). It can get fully booked quite quickly so I think it’s best to reserve at least a day or two in advance to guarantee a place. When you’re seated the waiter comes round with a platter of truffle, allowing each person to smell the incredible fresh truffle aromas. Il Solferino has signature dishes specially made to accentuate the taste of the truffle. They offer a wide selection of wines – we had the Amarone Classico Cantina Tommasi 2012 and it was perfect.

*Side note: I always like visiting the kitchen after I eat to see where my food was coming from and I found it to be quite clean and organized.

Recommended dishes:

  • Potato with fondue and truffle (Il Solferino special)
  • Culatello prosciutto
  • Stracciatella Burrata with cherry tomatoes
  • Tagliata di Angus con funghi

Il Solferino proscuitto Milano Stracciatella di Burrata Il Solferino Milano

Tiramisu Il Solferino Milano

Osteria Stendhal

Excellent service, great food. If you like spaghetti carbonara then you have to try it here! The stracciatella di Buffala is an excellent antipasti option. Their wine selection is quite good too and they have small bottles which are a great option if you’re just two people.

Osteria Stendhal Truffle risotto

Osteria Stendhal Stracciatella di Bufala

Café Trussardi

Good food and a great lunch option. The chicken salad was okay, kind of bland. The rigatoni was good. I’d definitely recommend the truffle spaghetti.

Chicken salad Trussardi Cafe Milano

Trussardi Cafe Truffle spaghetti Milano

Rigatoni Trussardi Cafe Milano


No reservation policy, home cooked basic italian food, CASH ONLY. I’d say it’s like eating a home cooked meal at your grandparents house so don’t expect anything spectacular. It’s very well priced. I’d recommend the chicken and the Buffala Mozzarella.

Latteria Milano

Latteria Milano

Latteria Milano

Tartufi and friends

Excellent restaurant – all dishes are served with Truffle. Out of everything we ordered, I’d liked the Burrata, Carpaccio, Lobster pasta and mashed potatoes. I wasn’t a fan of their desserts. As for the wine, I definitely recommend the Frescobaldi Castello di Nipozzano – Chianti Rufina 2012.

Burrata Tartuffi and FriendsCarpaccio Tartuffi and friendsFilet Tartuffi and friends milano



potato puree tartuffi and friends milano

Nipozzano Frescobaldi Tuscan tartuffi and friends milano


Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone

Located off Via Montenapoleone (Closed on Sundays). Italian cuisine – Lovely outdoor seating area. It’s super commercial though so I’d say it’s a bit overpriced. Their wine selection is excellent. I’d recommend ordering the Bresaola and Parma ham, Mozzarella and Burrata, beef carpaccio or veal Milanese. I didn’t like the carbonara , gnocchi or ravioli.


Very good restaurant, in the Michelin guide. I recommend:

  • Starter: Samurai Stick
  • Sushi/Sashimi: Salmon/Tuna/Yellowtail
  • Rolls: Ebi Flò, Special roll
  • Hot dish: Black Angus


IYO Ikura Gunkun

IYO shrimp

IYO salmon tartare

Salmon nigiri

Sashimi tuna yellowtail seabass salmon IYO

IYO beef fillet

IYO maki roll

IYO Milano

Shiro Poporoya

No reservation policy, very good for value sushi. Casual and cheap. I recommend ordering the Miso Soup, Salmon avocado roll and Chirashi tuna and salmon. I wouldn’t order the shrimp tempura again.

Salmon Nigiri Shiro Poporoya Milano

Shiro Poporoya Milano

Shiro Poporoya Milano


It’s not as good as it is in London. I wasn’t impressed by the quality at all. These are the dishes I enjoyed:

  • Salmon Sushi
  • Yellowtail jalapeno
  • Cod
  • Salmon crispy rice

Quick bite

Panino Giusto

Really good to pick up or eat quickly.

Bresaola or Prosciutto were very good.

Panino Giusto

Panino Giusto


There might be a line but if not it’s quick and easy to eat on the go – if you like panzerotti.​

Recommended but not tried


Argentinian Restaurant – traditional dining experience.

Da giacomo

Upscale trattoria, excellent for Fish.

Assunta Madre

Another popular option for Fish.


Fusion food.


Go for an Aperitivo, overlooking the Duomo di Milano.




Heard a lot of great reviews, apparently it’s a bit pricey but totally worth it.

Tried and not recommended:

Zero sushi

Wasn’t impressed at all. I tried a lot of dishes and nothing was impressive. IYO is a better alternative

The Small

Don’t eat there, it’s a cool place so I’d recommend just going for drinks at night but definitely not for food.

Caminetti Del Sempione

It’s not very good, there are much better restaurants the only thing I liked was the pecorino spaghetti.

Bond (Navigli area)

Do not eat there, it’s usually a bar at night. Their food is horrible.

Trattoria dela Gloria (Navigli area)

Wasn’t very impressed by the milanese and spaghetti pomodoro, I’ve had better.


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