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Be Playa Playa Del Carmen Pool

Visit Playa Del Carmen

Beaches in Playa Del Carmen

Canibale Royale

Get there early to save yourself a good spot. Nice to go for a day of tanning, the water is nothing special. Cocktails are great, I recommend the Guacamole or Ceviche.

Canibale Royale Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Guacamole Canibal Royale Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Margherita Canibal Royale Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Canibal Royale Playa del Carmen Mexico


Very big, pretty beach. It can get very crowded, especially during spring break with a lot of tourists. Good music.

Where to stay in Playa Del Carmen

Be Playa

A gem in Playa Del Carmen. Boutique hotel located in the center, walking distance from 5th Avenue. Rooftop bar and pool. Sushi restaurant on the ground floor. You may park outside the hotel (I always found a parking spot). Complimentary WiFi.  I recommend getting a suite, our room was modern with a Jacuzzi, and a small balcony with a hammock. Breakfast includes: fresh juice, tea/cofee, eggs, potatoes, fava beans, cheese and corn chips. It may be served by the pool, in your room or in the restaurant.

Be Tulum Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Be Playa Hotel Suite

Where to eat in Playa Del Carmen

Diablito cha cha cha

Located in front of Mandala, right off Fifth Avenue. Amazing food, music, service and drinks.

  • Recommended dishes:
  • Tuna Tataki
  • Rock Shrimp
  • Diablito roll
  • Tuna Sashimi

Ambasciata D Italia

Located on fifth avenue, their service is excellent. We came back several times, their pizza is amazing.

Almirante Peche

Excellent service, nice atmosphere.


Located in a cavern, it is one of the two only cave restaurant worldwide. Definitely a unique experience. The service is again, excellent and waiter was very detailed when explaining dishes. The food was okay. You may take a tour of the cave, it was really interesting to know the different events they hold there and to see all the different areas in the cave. Overall it’s a cool experience. (Note: tip is already included in the total).


What to do in Playa Del Carmen


They pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. Ziplining, bungeejumping, swim in a Cenote, ride ATVs.


Visit one of the many cenotes, Dos Ojos, Ik Kil, La Noria, Dzitnup, Azul and more. Each one is a different experience as they have different depths, different colour water and some are scarier than others!

Where to go out in Playa Del Carmen


My favourite, on a rooftop, deep house music.

Santanera Playa del Carmen Mexico


Performances and nice music, must see for tourists but you won’t go more than once.

I’m writing the ones below not because I recommend them but so that you’re aware of the choices.


Not a fan. I didn’t really like the music but the best out of the worst.

Mandala Playa Del Carmen


I don’t recommend, it had very outdated music playing.



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