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Cienfuegos Cuba

Prepare for Cuba

A few things you need to know before going to Cuba so that you’re prepared! I’ve also included links to a few recommendations for each city (where to go, where to eat).

  1. Call Maikel before you go! He’s a driver and guide – speaks good English. He’ll pick you up and be with you the whole trip (take good care of him too). This is much better than booking a driver through a travel agent or taking a taxi. Pay Maikel a set price and let him take you around for the duration of your stay!
    • His number: +53 5380 2238
  2. Set the bar a little lower, don’t expect a 5 star luxury vacation – The country has been through a lot and they’re still getting back on their feet. Cuba is extremely rich in culture and history, but they’re working hard on improving in other areas.
  3. Not everyone speaks English so be patient!
  4. The food ain’t great so be mentally prepared for that…(Food is best in Havana – Check out restaurant recommendations)
  5. They haven’t had a large sum of tourists in ages and it’s starting to pick up so they’re still practicing… Look at the bright side, you have the advantage of exploring Cuba before it becomes mainstream but there are sacrifices you’ll have to make 🙂
  6. Cuba is damn beautiful and the people are soo kind!!
  7. U.S. Cell phones don’t work, Canadian & UK phones do!
  8. Bring cash, it’s what you’ll be using 99% of the time. I only used my credit card once. Bring your debit card in case you run out of cash – you can pull out from an ATM.
  9. For more info, click on the city/town you want to know more about!




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