Red Sea Islands

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Shedwan El Gouna

Red Sea Islands

Islands accessible from El Gouna

To give you a little preview of the beautiful day you could have, should you choose to rent a boat. I’m going to list the areas you can go to and some photos that I’m sure will have you wanting to book before you’re done reading.

Note that all the islands do not have any operating restaurants, with the exception of Mahmya. They are literally just a piece of land surrounded by beautiful turquoise water. Depending on the boat you rent, you can cook on the boat, barbecue or bring some pizza from El Gouna. Also, don’t forget to bring your own drinks/mixers/ice in a cooler. If you need all of this please let me know in the email you send and I can have this provided for you at an extra cost… and of course, if the time permits.


20/30 minutes from El Gouna

Towal Island


30/40 minutes from El Gouna


Approx 40/70 mins from El Gouna. Here’s a little video of Mahmya taken by a friend’s drone, and edited by myself.

Mahmya Island – Egypt from KenzieKashmiri on Vimeo.



Around 10/15 mins from El Gouna. Clear water. If you go to Bayud from the inside it’s a lot more shallow so you can stand in the water. It’s a great option if you’re tight on time or want to go out for a half day (smaller budget), or if you’ve simply over slept but don’t want to miss out on a day at sea!

Bayud El Gouna Egypt

Note: all the times given are approximate, it all depends on the size and speed of the boat you’re on. 

To rent boats email me info@kenziekashmiri.com or instagram DM me and I can refer you to someone. You may also ask your hotel concierge.

 Another video, just in case you’re having second thoughts!

Red Sea Islands from KenzieKashmiri on Vimeo.



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