What to do in London

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SkyGarden London UK

What to do in London

Looking to book a few activities for your visit… or make your weekend a little more interesting? This might help!

Wing Walking

One of the craziest experiences. Click here for more info

Champagne shooting

Clay pigeon shooting, fun and different thing to do – I only did it in Scotland but this is an interesting experience. Located in Einfield, around an hour away from Chelsea. There are different packages you can choose from (starting £79). Check out their website here.

Pedal boat

in Hyde Park/feeding the ducks. Great to do if you’re on a family trip and have kids with you.


Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Bond Street, Sloane Street.

Selfridges London UK

Harrods London UK

Football matches

There are plenty of football matches to watch, it may seem complicated to get tickets but if you contact any concierge service you should be fine. You can DM me on instagram (@kenziekashmiri) if you need a contact.

Chelsea Stadium London


There will always be numerous plays at the theater and a lot of them will be extremely good. You can buy your tickets online and choose where you’ll be seated on here. I’ve also heard (if you’re on a budget) if you go early in the morning on the day you want to watch the show you can ask to purchase a day ticket which may be as low as 20 pounds. You may even end up sitting in pretty good seats, depends on your luck!

Barclays bikes

Cycle around London using the Barclays bikes which starts from 1 pound.


There is so much to see  – St Pauls Cathedral, The Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Sky Gardens, Richmond Park etc. (You’re better off buying tickets online).

London Eye UK

SkyGarden London UK

SkyGarden London UK

Winter Wonderland

During winter an amusement park is set up in Hyde park containing many rides for children and adults, food stalls, ice skating rink, stage with music, bars, and a Christmas market. Super fun! Make sure to pull out cash before, often there are long lines at the ATM machines, plus they charge you extra fees.



Capri Island

Capri Island

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Luxor sunrise

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