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Where do you want to travel?

KenzieKashmiri will guide you.

Visit Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos is one of the bigger, more crowded cities we visited. More popular (especially in Canada) for its beach resorts. We walked around the boulevard and then had lunch in a beautiful restaurant which was once a palace, built as a gift from a wealthy merchant to his fiancé. What I found the most interesting […]

Visit Versailles

The breathtaking palace of Versailles is a 20/30 mintue car ride from Paris. This is one of the most beautiful historical sites I’ve ever visited, a must-see for those of you that are interested in art, architecture, landscape and of course, history. I would recommend going in the summer as the walk outdoors is more […]

Visit Playa Del Carmen

Beaches in Playa Del Carmen Canibale Royale Get there early to save yourself a good spot. Nice to go for a day of tanning, the water is nothing special. Cocktails are great, I recommend the Guacamole or Ceviche. Mamitas Very big, pretty beach. It can get very crowded, especially during spring break with a lot of […]

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